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Public Reminder Add-In 1.2

Public Reminder Add-In 1.2: Extended reminder options for every folder of Microsoft Outlook and Exchange. reminders on items in any folder in your profile, including mailbox, PST file, or Public Folders. Reminders can be emailed to any pager or email enabled communications device or can send SMS messages to any mobile device, PDA, Blackberry or cell phone. which can receive emails. Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Server does not support reminders in any Exchange Public Folder or non-default Outlook folders. Reminders only trigger from within

CalendarPal 2.3: CalendarPal Deskstop Calendar, Organizer, Reminder, Local Weather and More!
CalendarPal 2.3

calendar until you remove it. Just like a paper calendar only a lot better! Set Reminders & choose sound alert and/or window alert! Let CalendarPal help you remember important events, birthdays, appointments, and more. CalendarPal makes it easy to set up automatic reminders. You can set up daily, weekly, monthly, yearly reminders. You can also easily create one-time reminders. And you can set reminder as far in the future as you want! You can choose

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VueMinder Calendar Pro 7.2.1: A calendar program with many reminder features, including SMS text messaging.
VueMinder Calendar Pro 7.2.1

VueMinder Calendar Pro is a full-featured calendar/reminder program. It displays multiple calendars simultaneously in layers. These can be viewed and printed by day, week, or month. It provides many reminder options, including popup reminders, desktop alerts, and reminders that can be sent via email or SMS text messages. It supports calendar sharing through the iCalendar standard, 2-way Google and Outlook sync, Excel import/export, and much more.

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VueMinder Calendar Lite 7.0.1: VueMinder Calendar Lite is a FREE calendar and reminder program for Windows.
VueMinder Calendar Lite 7.0.1

Calendar sync is also provided. Now you can view your Google Calendar events while offline, using a free and feature-rich calendar application. For an even more full-featured calendar program, consider trying VueMinder Calendar Pro, which allows you to share calendars over a local network, publish calendars to the web, import and export to Excel, sync with Outlook, send SMS and email reminders to yourself and others, customize the interface with

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Aeris Calendar 2.1: Desktop Calendar, Weather, Reminders, Events, Notes, Todos
Aeris Calendar 2.1

Aeris Calendar is a desktop calendar with current weather conditions, forecasts and severe weather alerts. Aeris Calendar allows you to easily add reminders, daily notes, todo entries and events such as birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. The extended forecast is displayed directly on the calendar and current conditions are displayed on the calendar, tray icon and desklet. Downloadable themes allow you to skin the calendar.

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Easy Calendar 3.4: An inexpensive easy to use calendar, just click on a date and type.
Easy Calendar 3.4

calendar, just click on a date and type. New features: Integrated with reminders, Recurring reminders - enter information about important dates one time and they are always displayed in the calendar. Connected reminders - span multiple days on a single calendar line, US Holidays - Federal and popular US holidays can be set up with a few mouse clicks, Individual date appearances - the appearance of specific dates can be customized, Icons for user

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VueMinder Calendar Lite 8.3.1: Free calendar to organize your schedule and provide reminders of upcoming events
VueMinder Calendar Lite 8.3.1

Easily organize your schedule and get reminders with a free calendar program. Google Calendars can be synced to your computer and even accessed while offline. You can also subscribe to other online calendars, such as NFL game schedules. A transparent calendar seamlessly integrates into the Windows desktop, providing an instant view of upcoming events. Calendars can also be selectively layered or filtered in Day, Week, and Month views.

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